Estate Documents: POA, Power of Attorney, AHCD, Advanced Health Care Directive, Mobile Notary Marin, Notary Services San RafaelEstate Documents:

Living Trusts
Powers of Attorney
Advanced Health Care Directives
Grant Deeds and More…

Getting our affairs in order is a gift we give our loved ones.  Signing your Estate Documents makes things easier for all concerned in the event that you become incapacitated or if you are facing a medical procedure.

Once you have your Estate Documents ready to sign, Notary San Rafael is here to help.  Bedside visits and appointments at Hospitals, Rehab Hospitals, Retirement Communities, and Skilled Nursing Facilities are welcome.

Commonly signed documents include:Notary for Seniors and Elders, Terrie Gillett, Notary San Rafael, Serving Marin County CA

  • Living Trust
  • Power of Attorney
  • Advanced Health Care Directive
  • Grant Deed
  • Last Will & Testament

Frequently asked questions:

Where can I find the forms?
What forms do I need?
My Mom is very sick; can she still sign the documents?
My Uncle has Alzheimers; can you help with his Power of Attorney?
I can't find my father's ID; will his Social Security Card work?
Who can witness my signing?

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