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California Notaries are not Attorneys licensed to practice law. Terrie Gillett at Notary San Rafael does not give legal advice, and does not accept fees to this effect.  If you do need additional help, here are some places to start:

Estate Plans: Living Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Advanced Health Care Directives and more

Emily Wirowek, Estate Planning Attorney in the Bay Area, can help with all legal matters including trusts, special needs planning, business and exit planning, trust and estate administration. To protect yourself, your family and your assets, OR if you have questions related to these matters, she can help.  Click here for more.


Conservatorships: Marin County Public Defender’s Office

Marin County CourtA conservatorship is a court proceeding to appoint someone to manage financial affairs and/or the personal care of an individual who is either physically or mentally unable to handle his or her own affairs.  For information on Conservatorships, check with the County’s Public Defender’s Office.  Click here for more.


Spanish TranslationsCurtis Draves Certified Spanish Translator 415-298-3885

For certified Spanish translations of any legal or official purpose documents, call Curtis Draves at (415) 298-3885.  He translates Court Judgements, Declarations, contracts, leases, retainers and vital records.  Click here for more.


Family Law: Divorce, Child Custody, Support, and Adoption

Matt Briggs, Family Law, San RafaelMatt Briggs is a family law attorney working in divorce, child custody, support, and adoption. He offers a variety of packages, including flat fee divorce help. Click here for more.



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